It takes light to capture yourself, but without darkness you cannot be developed ~ Imtiaz Adam Patel

The Agency

This Design agency has over ten years of experience. Throughout that period, Smoke Design’s structure and identity to define itself in the way it was envisaged, has been developing and changing inside of a chrysalis. We have now regenerated into the company it has set out to be in all it’s purpose.

The Vision

The Art Director, Imtiaz Adam Patel, has an honors degree in Art and Design and has carried out contract design work for numerous brands and companies, such as Laura Ashley. His proven experience, expertise and talent in the field makes him a connoisseur of fine designing. With a meticulous and rigorous selection process of finding talented designers and developers by experienced experts in the field itself. The vision, was to develop an orchestra of a design agency that would break down the entire design process with it’s many instruments, and conduct exceptional pieces of design.

How are we different?

While other agencies create a website for instance, by one or two individuals, we focus and breakdown every aspect of the entire process of design and development as we understand it. From typography, 3d, illustrators, photography to graphic design experts right down to coding, developers and marketing specialists. This is what makes us different and pioneering