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New Projects

Updates on current projects with working progress.
Designing a custom piece of work for a client, from logo to website, requires you to understand what the client’s desires and business objectives are not what you wish to create as a designer based on personal taste. Your position as an agency/designer is to fulfill requirements impartially and recommend potential options that the client may be persuaded by based on brand objectives.

If we use Zenzed as a case study, the client’s desires in terms of aesthetics were deeply personal and very much intertwined with his own taste. Our usual style of minimalist, corporate appeal would not have been appropriate for client’s desires or feel for the company’s identity. The agency went through a rigorous process of what we call “scrap logos”, we create a rough logo with a specific style to generate enough feedback, to further narrow down client’s ideal identity.

It was crucial in this case for the Director to take a hands on approach and work along side the senior logo designer by producing the natural effect of the logo with customized brushes, just to get the desired look the client wanted.